Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The London Olympics Conspiracy

In this blog I'm going to talk about a different kind of film (and no it's not Avatar)... In the weeks leading up to the 2012 London Olympics, I saw a conspiracy video doing the rounds, entitled 100000 to die at the London Olympics?

No, was the short answer to that question.

It showed how subtle messages about terrorist attacks were given before 9/11 and the July 7th Bombings, warnings such as the magazine cover briefly glimpsed in an episode of The Simpsons which had the World Trade Centre standing proudly like a number 11 next to the price of the magazine which was 9$.

A still from the film Armageddon, three years before the 9/11 attacks.
The 14 minute long Youtube video suggested that similar warnings were given in TV shows / films about the 2012 Olympics, such as John Cusack randomly holding up a map of the London Underground in the film 2012.  These were subtle hints from the Illuminati that London was going to get bombed on the London Underground during the Summer Olympics and evidently lots of people were going to get killed so the Illuminati could start a new world order.  The original video has now been taken offline last I looked, but just like any celebrity with a sex tape will tell you, once it’s out there, it’s there forever – so there are plenty of ‘copies’ of it on Youtube which you can still see.

A random picture of Rihanna covering one eye that has nothing to do with this blog except to make it a bit prettier? I think not. Or maybe there's a sex tape of her? No, but if anyone has one, please let me know.

There's plenty of propagandist techniques in it – the stark graphics, the sensationalist claims, the Hollywood blockbuster music pumping along throughout.  At the end it said that if enough people were to watch the video then the Illuminati would be put off and stop their attack, so everyone was encouraged to tell their friends about the video and help spread the message, (and no doubt help its Youtube hits – it was well over a million when I saw it).  Who’s the one doing the manipulating now?

So, over a million people having watched 14 minutes of doom-mongering and potentially fearing that the worst act of terrorism in history might occur.  Strange that the video apparently quoted the Illuminati’s own text (or the Rockefeller's, who are allegedly part of the Illuminati), saying that only 13,000 people were going to die, yet the title of the video went with a cool 100,000 – the more that die the sexier, right?

Isn’t it the goal of the terrorist to instil terror in people?  Are conspiracy videos such as these not then doing the work of the terrorists?  Aren’t they publicising the agenda of the Illuminati, which otherwise the general masses are ignorant of, and thus creating the state of fear the Illuminati is trying to achieve themselves?

One Direction, who aren't terrifying at all, performing at the London Olympics closing ceremony... 'one direction' being the central ideology of the new world order. Remember also how music from the band 'New Order' was played extensively at the opening ceremony? (cue 'Adagio For Strings')
I’m no stranger to conspiracy videos– I once spent a lot of time researching the moon landings and was convinced they were faked as I felt a swelling sense of anger and injustice that we’d all been duped.  Conspiracy videos tend to present themselves as ‘the truth’, a moral crusading force fighting the secret powers that the general folk are too dumb to even acknowledge the existence of.  They empower the viewer by enabling them to see the world as it ‘really’ is, giving them a liberating perspective that the masses aren’t intelligent enough to accept, and giving them a sense of purpose in trying to enlighten others by sharing the videos on social media.

And if you don’t want to be dumb, or a conformist, or narrow-minded, it’s best to believe them.  These video makers become the new gospel writers, the invisible Illuminati becomes the new Satan, and a new religion is born.  With their dramatic messages, the role of the messenger is in danger of being overlooked, because these days it’s easy to believe in pessimism and negativity.

Mo Farah creating Illuminati symbolism in front of the world audience, the 'mobot' being a suggestion that we've all been turned into 'robots' within the new world order.

If authority is to be questioned, if the whole reality that we believe in is false, then I hope that the 1million+ that watched this video don’t forget that these videos are not immune from being questioned themselves. 

If you want to free your mind, I don’t think you should believe that some Youtuber did it for you.  Or maybe I’m part of the conspiracy and you shouldn’t listen to a word I’m saying... wink wink...

The one eye of the Illuminati here for no reason but to tell you that I'm part of the enemy.

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