Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Back to Blue and Teasers

So here it finally is, what we’ve been talking about for the past few weeks (or has it been months?), the first Shadows of a Stranger teaser trailer!

It seems it was a little while back when Chris met up with Colin again to record this voiceover.  Although we’ve had the voice and the visuals ready for some time, we’ve just had a bit of a challenge on our hands getting together some suitable music.  Not being a major Hollywood studio, we can’t just pinch some music from a previously released film, so this particular track we have here is something we created especially for the teaser.  As for the actual soundtrack to the film we do have things in motion, and next time I write I should have another exciting announcement. 

So, like we’ve been saying, this Colin Baker narrated teaser is going to be the first of three teasers, with the second teaser narration set to be recorded soon.  Perhaps around September time we’ll be ready to release the next one, and then the last one by Christmas, small vignettes for you of the world we're creating. 

We’ve tried to avoid being too contrived with these trailers, going our own way with it rather than making something that’s just like everything else out there.  Which has been our ethos all along in case y’all hadn’t noticed.  Editing trailers can become a bit like painting by numbers – the same old dramatic thuds leading to a crescendo of people screaming and people running.  So yeah, we decided to avoid all that.  Remember these are just teasers at this stage; they’re not the full trailer – this will come at a later date (when we have a lot more completed material).  We’re making them to give a taste of the mood and themes of the film and hopefully build anticipation.  So yes, they are a bit ‘cryptic’ as teaser trailers are supposed to be.

Recently we’ve also had the camera rolling again as we began our pick ups.  We've been gathering more supporting artists so that we can populate our environments with lots of different people.  The beauty of filming this way is that we’ve been able to get the main actors’ performances down on their own without having to coordinate a set full of extras at the same time.  Some of our shots will have people filmed in different years.

Here's me on the mini blue screen with one of our extras, Aicha.  We were listening to a band that hasn't even been filmed yet.

The other beauty of making a film this way is that as people have got to hear about us, we have been able to add to our cast of characters this long after principal filming.  And on that subject I should have some very exciting news to tell you about next time… So stay tuned.

Aren’t I such a tease?

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